Beverly Gray:  Reporter, Writer, and Government Agent

Any person who has not yet read the Beverly Gray series is warned that the following summaries will reveal important plot information that not all readers would wish to know before reading the stories.
  #10 Beverly Gray, Reporter

Charlie Blaine asks Beverly and Lenora to cover the story of a train derailment.  The girls discover that Rosalie, known as Rosita, was injured in the wreck and that she has miraculously regained her memory.  While Beverly visits the scene of the derailment, a man slips her a package and tells her to deliver it.  Beverly and Lenora see a baggage car with the door ajar and investigate, only to be arrested on suspicion of stealing a valuable tapestry and some military plans.  The girls are released when David Owens, a secret service agent and Larry's younger brother, vouches for them.

It is not until Beverly is back in New York that she discovers that the package which was given to her contains the stolen military plans.  Beverly is afraid that the authorities will not believe her story so she goes to Charlie Blaine for advice.  He calls the authorities who ask Beverly to help them find the spies, who know that Beverly was given the plans.

Beverly is contacted by one of the members of the gang who takes her to the headquarters to meet with Raspin.  Raspin tells her to give back the plans and locks her in a room after she refuses.  Raspin comes back to tell Beverly that she can go but that she must bring the plans the next day.  Beverly shows up at the assigned meeting place.  Larry arrives shortly thereafter, also at Raspin's request.  The Countess de la Fornay enters and urges them to leave immediately as there is great danger.  Right after the group leaves, the house explodes.

Lois gets a job drawing designs for a major magazine, and Shirley returns to the theater as Dale Arden.  Beverly and Lenora discover that the Countess de la Fornay is the person who has the stolen tapestry.  The tapestry is recovered, but the Countess escapes.  Jim Stanton leaves for South America to take a job as an engineer, and Larry invites Beverly to visit his family in Maine.  Larry's invitation coincides with Phyllis Tanner's trip to see a property that she has inherited in Maine, so both Beverly and Lenora prepare to travel to Maine.  Beverly will stay with Larry's family, and Lenora will stay with Phyllis.

  #11 Beverly Gray's Romance

When Beverly arrives in Maine, she is upset to see how close Larry is to a family friend, Sally Stewart.  Beverly overhears a conversation in which she believes Larry and Sally are discussing a house they want to buy.  She assumes that Larry and Sally intend to marry.  Sally reads the manuscript of Beverly's play and wants to produce it in the local theatre, but Beverly refuses to let her out of spite and jealousy.

Shirley drives to Maine because the injury of two of the actors has closed her play indefinitely.  Shirley is displeased after her arrival when she learns that Roger Garrett is to be staying in Maine as well.  Shirley was engaged briefly to Roger and broke off the engagement for unknown reasons.  Meanwhile, Lenora and Phyllis hear mysterious voices in Phyllis's house and wonder if it could be haunted.

Lenora and Beverly go exploring on the beach and discover a hidden cave.  They investigate the cave and discover a room piled with boxes full of rifles.  Based on how far they walked, Lenora concludes that they must be underneath Phyllis's house, which explains the voices she heard while inside the house.  Later, the girls discover boxes in Phyllis's house that are filled with explosives.  A few days later, Beverly and Lenora decide on the spur of the moment to board the boat owned by the men who visit the cave.  The men take off unexpectely, the girls must reveal their presence.  The men decide to keep them prisoners after they land, but Beverly manages to take off in their plane even though she has very little experience.  She and Lenora get back home safely, and the police pursue the men.

Beverly discovers that Sally and the others are producing her play without her knowledge.  She is not angry and feels that she will be able to see if the play is any good.  The performance is quite a success, in spite of a raging hurricane.  After the performance, Shirley and Roger are injured in the collapse of the barn they used for the play and are taken to the hospital, where they reconcile and renew their engagement.  The friends go back to New York, where they learn that their old friend Ada Collins is in trouble.  Beverly helps Ada to resolve her problems, and Ada learns that she has a teaching position waiting for her at Vernon College.  Finally, Beverly learns that she had misunderstood Larry's conversation with Sally when Larry shows her the house he intends to buy for Beverly and himself to live in someday when they marry.

  #12 Beverly Gray's Quest

Beverly's second book is going to be made into a movie, and Beverly, Lenora, and Shirley drive to California so that Beverly can have a role in planning the movie.  Larry and his friend Michael McKay fly to South America to search for a valuable emerald.  When Beverly receives word that Larry and Michael are missing, she and Lenora fly to South America and meet Jim Stanton.  Shirley flies back to New York and later arrives in South America on board the Susabella with Roger Garrett and David Owens.

The group begins the trek through the jungle and soon locates Larry's plane.  They can find no sign of Larry or Michael, so they conclude that there is still hope and continue the search.  Jim asks their guide, Manuel, how to find the emerald.  Manuel refuses to reveal the emerald's location because the emerald is cursed.  Manuel leads the group part of the way to the emerald and then leaves the search expedition.

Beverly and Lenora discover the emerald, but the entire group is captured by cannibals as soon as they try to remove it.  Beverly convinces the cannibals to let her visit a certain hut, and she speaks to Michael McKay.  Michael is not sure what happened to Larry.  Later, Beverly gives a younger native three silver bracelets and is taken for a walk in the nearby forest.  Beverly pretends to fall asleep next to a tree, and the native goes back to the village.  Beverly escapes and finds a nearby missionary with whom Larry is recovering from his injuries.  The missionary goes with Larry and Beverly back to the native village and tries to convince the native to free their captives.  The natives refuse to listen until the ground shakes from an earthquake.  In the resulting confusion, Beverly and her friends are able to escape.

When the Susabella leaves South America, a friend of Larry's, Lieutenant Cary, joins the group.  When Lieutenant Cary leaves the Susabella in Havana, Beverly goes to warn him that someone is following him.  Beverly immediately finds herself in danger as both she and Cary are chased by spies.  Beverly is shocked when she sees that one of their pursuers is the Countess de la Fornay.  Cary is injured in a car crash, and Beverly has to fly some important papers back into the United States.  After turning the papers over to the military, Beverly returns to New York shortly before her friends arrive on the Susabella.

  #13 Beverly Gray's Problem

Beverly attends a tea hosted by Miss Beatrice Colfax.  A woman's necklace is stolen by a hooded thief dressed entirely in black, and the only people not present at the time are Miss Colfax, True Torsten, and Sir Donald Charles.  The investigators are not able to discover who stole the necklace.  A few days later, a necklace is stolen at another party, and the same three people are present at that party.

Beverly, Lenora, True Torsten, Sir Charles, and Prince Einar are invited to visit Miss Colfax at her mountain lodge.  During their stay, the girls hear that a plane in which Virginia Harris is working as stewardess has crashed somewhere in the area.  Beverly and Lenora use Miss Colfax's plane to locate the wreck.  They are unable to land, so Lenora parachutes out while Beverly goes for help.  Lenora finds the passengers and crew, and by the next day, help has arrived.

A masked man is seen on the balcony at Miss Colfax's lodge soon before her valuable star sapphire disappears.  Beverly, Lenora, and True take a sleigh ride and stop at an elderly man's cabin to escape the cold.  Beverly catches True trying to steal one of the old man's wood carvings.  Beverly wonders if True is the jewel thief.  The girls continue their journey in the sleigh but get lost in a blizzard.  They seek refuge in a cabin and wait until morning to finish their trip.  After they return, Miss Colfax throws a party, and Beverly sets a trap for True by telling her that Prince Einar has a valuable ruby in his suitcase.  Beverly catches True in the act, and True forces Beverly to go with her when she escapes.  During the drive, Beverly jerks the wheel so that the car crashes.  True gets away but leaves the jewels behind.

Back in New York, a popular, mysterious masked dancer will never let anyone photograph her without her mask.  Beverly correctly guesses that True is the dancer.  She decides not to turn True in after True convinces her that she will no longer steal.  Beverly soon learns that she has a rival reporter named Kay Merrill who works for another paper.  Both girls compete for the same stories, and quite often Kay scoops Beverly.  The girls cross paths for the first time when the town of Vernon is flooded and are destined to cross paths many times in the near future.

  #14 Beverly Gray's Adventure

At the request of the government, Beverly takes a job as a secretary to Kurt Kresloff, a scientist who works with explosives and is believed to be working against the government.  Beverly is to find out what Kresloff is trying to accomplish, who his friends are, and from where he gets his money.  Beverly is to tell no one what she is doing, only that she has quit her job at the newspaper and that she is now working another job.

Beverly finds it very difficult to keep her secret from her friends, especially from Lenora, Shirley, and Larry.  All three are hurt by Beverly's unwillingness to discuss what she is doing.  Beverly's secret begins to unravel when rival reporter Kay Merrill sees Beverly at Kresloff's house and questions her about her actions.  Kay later tells Lenora that Beverly is working as Kresloff's secretary.  Kay and Lenora decide to try to help Beverly.

Beverly becomes increasingly nervous about her job as she worries that Kresloff will discover that she is spying on him.  Beverly worries about Kresloff's plans when she sees Kresloff flying a remote-controlled plane which explodes and then reads about a missing mail plane in the newspaper.  Beverly learns that the Countess de la Fornay is working with Kresloff.  Beverly receives a mysterious package for Kresloff which she takes to him at Vernon College.  Another one of Kresloff's accomplices, Professor Larson, recognizes that Beverly is a reporter and tells Kresloff.  Larson also reveals that he is trying to steal Kresloff's secret.  Kresloff knocks Larson unconscious and locks Beverly in a closet.  He mixes a chemical that will explode after a certain amount of time, but fortunately, Beverly escapes.

Beverly and Lenora enter Kresloff's home to encounter the Countess.  Kresloff locks all three of them in a secret passageway, but the three are freed by Kresloff's butler who is a secret service agent.  Kresloff is captured, but the Countess escapes.  Larson and the Countess are captured later due to the efforts of Beverly and Lenora.  After the situation with Kresloff is resolved, the girls plan a trip Montana so that Shirley can inspect a property that she has inherited from her uncle.

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