Beverly Gray's World Cruise and Hunt for Treasure

Any person who has not yet read the Beverly Gray series is warned that the following summaries will reveal important plot information that not all readers would wish to know before reading the stories.
  #7(6) Beverly Gray on a World Cruise

Beverly, Shirley, Lenora, Jim Stanton, Roger Garrett, and Paul Benson plan to set sail on Roger's yacht, the Susabella, with Roger's aunt, Miss Ernwood, along as chaperon.  Beverly is at first unsure that she can go on the cruise, but when a second publisher rejects Beverly's book, Beverly decides to go on the cruise anyway.  She tells Charlie Blaine that she is taking a vacation and leaves with no promise that she will have a job when she returns.

Shortly after the young people set sail, a storm washes Jim overboard.  At first feared dead, Jim shows up in England when the young people arrive.  Jim had been rescued by pirates, and one of them gave Jim half of a map to a hidden treasure for safekeeping.  Jim plans to return the map to the owner but the owner is murdered before Jim can do so.

Beverly meets a charming young man named Count Alexis de Frachiny and begins to spend a lot of time with Count Alexis.  Later, Beverly and her friends travel to Paris to visit Lois, and while they enjoy dinner, Beverly sees Anselo, the young gypsy who had helped her when a gypsy tribe had kept her captive.  Beverly also chances to encounter Count Alexis again in France and unfortunately sees nothing odd about him appearing in France.

Beverly decides to leave the cruise to go back home since she would like to work on her second book.  After her friends leave on the train to go back to the boat, Beverly receives a message stating that her first book has been sold.  Beverly swiftly changes her mind and attempts to rejoin her friends with the help of Count Alexis.  A storm forces Count Alexis and Beverly to seek shelter in an old chateau.  Beverly overhears a conversation between the Count and the chateau's owner about getting back the treasure map, and Beverly suddenly realizes that the Count has been stalking her and that she is in great danger.  Beverly escapes and meets her friends in Egypt.  They explore the pyramids and the desert and have two more unwelcome meetings with the Count.  Lenora buys an old cursed scarab which proves to be an ill omen of future events.  Along with Terry Cartwright, who had joined the cruise in Britain, and now Lois Mason, the friends arrive in Bethlehem in time to celebrate Christmas and make plans for the rest of their cruise.

  #8(7) Beverly Gray in the Orient

Beverly and her friends arrive in India and are surprised to briefly run into Larry Owens, who is in India on business.  Beverly, Lenora, and Lois go for a ride on an overcrowded cattle boat, which capsizes.  Beverly is sucked into the whirlpool caused by the sinking of the boat.  She finally frees herself and comes ashore.  As Beverly tries to find her way back home, she is stalked by a tiger, which is shot to death by archaeologist Anthony Anton just before it attacks Beverly.

Beverly and her friends journey to Calcutta, where Jim and Beverly become separated from the rest of their friends and become the prisoners of Count Alexis.  The Count forces the two into a car at gunpoint, a car driven by Omar El Hamel, whom Beverly knew briefly back in New York City.  El Hamel recognizes Beverly and helps them get away from Count Alexis.

The friends journey to China, where Lenora once again sees Count Alexis.  Beverly finally remembers that when she and Count Alexis were friends, she told the Count of all of the places that they would visit.  The friends immediately set sail, only to be attacked by pirates.  The pirates kidnap Beverly and Shirley.  Beverly is shocked when she realizes that one of the Chinese guards is none other than her friend Larry Owens.  Larry confirms that he is after a man known as Black Barney and that this man is apparently the person who had the pirates attack the Susabella.  Beverly recalls that Black Barney is the man who has the other half of the map that Jim possesses.  With the help of Larry and the Susabella's Chinese cook Woo Fong, Beverly and Shirley escape from the pirates.

The Susabella arrives in Shanghai, and Beverly discovers that Black Barney and Count Alexis are both in Shanghai.  The Count lures Beverly into a trap, but fortunately Beverly's friends and the police help capture both Black Barney and Count Alexis.  Additionally, Beverly and her friends find themselves in possession of both parts of the treasure map.  Joined by archaeologist Anthony Anton and Larry Owens, the friends prepare to sail for treasure island.

  #8 Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt

The Susabella leaves China and journeys to Japan.  Beverly and Larry fly a plane to view a volcano and are forced to parachute when the plane's motor stops working.  After Beverly and Larry finally return to the boat, they are shocked to glimpse Count Alexis on the dock.  Larry receives a cablegram telling of an uprising at the prison in China.  Count Alexis was one of the prisoners who managed to escape.  After receiving this news, the young people immediately set sail, but soon encounter a typhoon which washes Beverly overboard.  Larry saves Beverly but is injured.

The Susabella sails back to China for repairs.  During their stay, Beverly and Lenora speak to Count Alexis, who assures them that they will see him again.  The Susabella finally sails to the treasure island.  The young people follow the directions on the map and discover a door in the side of the cliff that leads to a temple where they find several human skulls.

The young men go on ahead through a tunnel while Beverly stays in the temple.  She knocks a hole in the wall and discovers that the walls are made of gold.  Beverly sees a face peering at her, so she climbs the cliff to investigate and is captured by cannibals and taken to their village.  Beverly escapes by digging a hole in the back of her straw hut.  Beverly arrives back at the beach just in time to see her friends captured by the cannibals.  Beverly takes the rowboat out to the Susabella, only to discover that she has reached another boat.  She climbs on board and is surprised by Count Alexis.  Beverly escapes back to the Susabella and enlists the help of a sailor whom the Count had shot.  Beverly and the sailor are able to create a diversion that enables them to rescue Beverly's friends.  Count Alexis is captured but escapes while the Susabella heads back to China. 

China is at war, but he young people must pick up Miss Ernwood, who had stayed in China while they went to the island.  Also, Charlie Blaine has given Beverly an official assignment to cover the war.  The young people are nearly killed in an explosion, and Beverly gets shot while in the war zone.  Finally, all of the young people make it safely back to the boat, where they find that they will have a new shipmate, Nikki Abbott.  It becomes apparent that there is some mystery surrounding Nikki, and her presence immediately causes problems since all of the young men seem captivated by her.  With Nikki on board, the Susabella prepares to sail for Hawaii.

  #9 Beverly Gray's Return

Nikki Abbott tricks Beverly into going with her to shop in Hawaii and locks her up in a room.  Nikki boards the boat with another young woman who resembles Beverly and wears dark glasses.  Nikki explains that Beverly has been in a bad accident and needs to rest.  The young woman believed to be Beverly locks herself in one of the rooms, and nobody is able to speak to her.

Meanwhile, Beverly wires Charlie Blaine for money and flies to Havana, planning to meet the Susabella when it arrives.  Beverly discovers that a man named Midarias is looking for Nikki.  When the Susabella finally arrives in Havana, Beverly goes on board and speaks to Nikki.  Nikki reveals that she is Princess Nicoli of Corona, and she and her sister are hiding from Midarias, who has threatened them.  Nikki felt that the only way she could get her sister out of Hawaii was for her sister to take Beverly's place on the boat.  Beverly lets Nikki and her sister continue the charade.

Back in New York, Beverly learns from her friend, Gerry Foster, that her employer purchased some crown jewels from Midarias and that the jewels are fake.  Beverly helps the police to investigate the theft, and later, the disappearance of Gerry, whom she believes has been kidnapped by Midarias.  Beverly rejoins the girls in their New York apartment and unpacks her trunk to find a note from Nikki and a bag full of uncut jewels.  Midarias tries to get the jewels back and kidnaps both Nikki and Lenora.  Their friends are able to rescue them, and Nikki reclaims the jewels, determined to take them back to their rightful owner.

Lenora decides to become a newspaper photographer, but first she must convince Charlie Blaine that she can do the job.  Lenora begins to accompany Beverly as she gathers her stories, hoping to get some good pictures that Blaine can use.  Meanwhile, the girls go to see an accomplished pianist, Rosita, and are astounded that she looks just like Rosalie Arnold.  The girls speak to Rosita, but she does not remember them.  The girls learn from Rosita's companion that Rosita was in an accident and has amnesia.  This fact convinces the girls that Rosita is Rosalie, and they hope that Rosalie will soon recover her memory.

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