The Unforgettable Miss Lenora Whitehill

Lenora Whitehill is Beverly Gray's closest friend, working partner, and sleuthing companion extraordinaire.  Lenora loves life and lives it to the fullest.  She is brash, outspoken, and fun-loving.  Lenora is undaunted by misfortune, finds fun in everything, and constantly seeks adventure.
Lenora loves to eat.

From Beverly Gray's Quest, page 60:

"What shall we do first?" Shirley asked.

"Well," Lenora began ticking off things on her fingers, "when we go to Fisherman's Wharf I want to eat a lobster that has been cooked right before my eyes.  When we go to Chinatown I want some genuine chop suey.  Third, I want-"

"Food!" Shirley said in disgust.  "Is that all you think about?"

"Most of the time," Lenora returned brightly.

From Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt, page 23:
"We can't lose them even for a few days," added Terry despairingly.

"Do you want to lose me, Terry?"  Lenora deposited herself on the arm of Terry's deck chair and mussed his hair.  "Doesims want to loseims Lenora?" she teased.

"Behave!" Terry commanded.

"Hims would be so lonesome without Lenora," the girl continued mischievously.  She was twisting his necktie now.

Terry was getting more embarrassed by the second.  His face was getting red.  He stood up and attempted to avoid Lenora, but she pursued him.

"Hims wouldn't have any fun any more, would hims?"

"Yes!" Terry shouted.  "Go away!"

"But he loves hims itta bittsie Lenora, doesn't hims?"

Lenora enjoyed teasing Terry but now the light in his eyes should have warned her.  Terry stopped in his flight, whirled, grasped her by the arms and kissed her soundly before all the others.  The onlookers shouted in delight.

Now it was Lenora's turn to escape.  Her cheeks were burning when she fled down the companionway and the laughter of the others followed her.

From Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt, page 51:
"Better go below," Jim shouted in Beverly's ear.

Beverly relayed the message to Lenora.  That individual shook her head.

"I'm going to stick it out.  I'll last as long as the typhoon will!" Lenora shouted above the gale.

"Maybe," Beverly shouted in return.

"It's insane to stay up here," Larry yelled.  "Get below."

"Come along, Lenora," Beverly turned to the companionway, moving Lenora ahead of her.

"But I wanna see it all!" Lenora wailed loudly.

"We'll let you hang out of a porthole," Jim consoled.

From Beverly Gray's Adventure, page 96:
Eager to take action, Beverly hurried upstairs, seized the precious package and file of letters, and hurried out of the house.  She followed the little flagstone path that [ran] behind the laboratory to the far wall where she stopped still with amazement.  Sitting on the wall, like a modern Humpty Dumpty, was Lenora.  She waved saucily to Beverly and swung her feet as she waited for the other girl to reach the spot below her.

"What are you doing here?" Beverly demanded.  "Go home."

"Nothing doing," Lenora said flatly.  "If a mouse can look at a king, as the fairy tales tell us, I can look at Kresloff.  I have my camera," she added, "and I am going to come back every day until I get his picture."

"Why do you want a picture?" Beverly wanted to know.

"When the story you are on breaks, Charlie Blaine will want a picture of Kresloff for the front page.  I aim to have it all ready for him," Lenora said calmly.

"What if Kresloff sees you there?"

"Good!" Lenora said.  "If he sees me, he will come close to ask me what I want.  That's when I'll snap my picture.  This time he won't get the camera plate either, because he'll be on the one side of the wall and I'll be on the other."  She waved a hand at Beverly.  "Go about your business, chum, I don't mind sitting here alone."

Beverly shook her head in exasperation.  It was just the sort of crazy thing Lenora would do.

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