Judy Bolton

The Judy Bolton Mystery Stories #13-25
by Margaret Sutton

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  #13 The Name on the Bracelet
Irene Lang, now Mrs. Dale Meredith, has given birth to Judy Irene Meredith in New York City.  At Dale's request, Judy Bolton travels to the city to act as a nursemaid and to help the Merediths find a good nursemaid.  Irene shares a room at the hospital with Jane Merrit, who also has a new baby girl.  In the confusion of checking out of the hospital, the babies somehow become switched without anybody noticing.

It is when Judy feeds little Judy that she notices the wrong name on the baby's armband.  Horrified, Judy tells Dale who insists that Irene not be told.  Judy and Dale begin a frantic search for Jane Merrit and her baby with no success.

The Name on the Bracelet
Dale plans to never tell Irene the truth, even if they cannot find the real baby Judy.  Judy knows that living a lie will tear the Merediths apart, and knows that they must somehow find Jane Merrit and her baby regardless of the difficulty involved.
  #14 The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt
Judy Bolton is thrust into an intriguing mystery when a stranger rushes up to her and gives her a purse that is not hers.  Judy is unable to catch up with the stranger to return the purse.  Judy searches the purse and finds a note written by someone named Blackie.  The note has a picture of a gun and requests that the bearer meet Blackie after a certain lecture.

Peter feels that the message may be important and contacts the FBI.  An agent meets with Judy and Peter and confirms that Blackie is a wanted criminal.  Judy and Peter feel that the criminal has mistaken Judy for someone else, but the agent contends that with Judy's red hair it isn't likely that someone else looks just like her.

The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt
But amazingly, Judy does have a double.  Judy faces danger and intrigue as she helps the FBI capture Blackie and receives a pleasant surprise when she comes face to face with a cousin she never knew she had, a young woman by the name of Roxy.
  #15 The Mark on the Mirror
Judy's relationship with Lorraine Lee is once again strained after she receives a mirror as a present at Judy and Lorraine's wedding shower.  Lorraine is convinced that Arthur sent the present to Judy so that Judy would know he still cares about her.  Judy is certain that Arthur did not send the mirror, but who did?

Even stranger is the note that came with the mirror stating "...which perhaps unwittingly, Birdie's little winglike fingers marked especially for me."  A mysterious image of a bird had appeared on the mirror in the Bolton house shortly before it broke.  But who put the image on the mirror?

The Mark on the Mirror
Can there be a connection to the young girl named Birdella who lives across the street?  Birdella's mother and father are fighting for her custody in court.  Judy suspects that there is much more to this case than meets the eye and that some unknown person is the one who sent the mirror as a present.
  #16 The Secret of the Barred Window
After Judy buys her wedding dress in New York City, she and Pauline Faulkner run an errand for Pauline's employer, literary agent Emily Grimshaw.  Judy and Pauline try to locate missing author Alice Bradley at her home in a remote area.  Judy leaves her wedding dress on the porch while she and Pauline search the house.  They find the house empty, and when they emerge, they discover that Judy's wedding dress has disappeared!

Judy is heartsick over the loss of the dress.  Adding to her frustration is the fact that their trip to Miss Bradley's home has been fruitless.  Nobody even seems to know what Miss Bradley looks like.  Their only meager information comes from a little girl named Roberta who likes to play in Miss Bradley's house.

The Secret of the Barred Window
Judy's wedding date is now in doubt after the loss of her dress, and to make matters worse, Lorraine Lee finally learns that her ruby ring was originally given to Judy by Arthur before Arthur proposed to her.  Judy must help Pauline find Miss Bradley, recover her wedding dress, and repair Lorraine's relationship with Arthur in the very few days left before the planned double wedding.
  #17 The Rainbow Riddle
Judy Bolton and Lorraine Lee's double wedding day has finally arrived.  It proves to be a day of surprises, for Roberta suddenly arrives at the Bolton home, warning Judy not to open a wedding present sent to her by Dale and Irene Meredith.  Judy assumes that Roberta is telling stories since she claims that the present is a radio that will explode, and surely Dale and Irene would do nothing to harm Judy.

Shortly after the wedding, Roberta is seen running into the woods with the package, and then an explosion is heard.  Apparently the radio was indeed wired with an explosive device.  Fortunately, Roberta is unharmed and is later dropped off at her home by Judy and Peter.

The Rainbow Riddle
Mysterious events follow Judy and Peter at each place they stop during their honeymoon vacation.  They discover that the Griggs are involved in the plot and that they are not actually related to Roberta.  The criminals are brought to justice, and Roberta comes to live with Peter and Judy.
  #18 The Living Portrait
"She's trying to get out of the frame," declares Roberta.  For some strange reason, Roberta insists that the portrait hanging over the mantel is alive.  Roberta also claims that the lady in the portrait is her teacher, Miss Gray, but Judy dismisses Roberta's claim as a make-believe story.

Roberta also relates the story of how a man came to the door wanting to buy the portrait.  He was quite insistent, but Roberta refused to let him inside the house.  Roberta believes the man would have paid a great deal of money for the portrait.  Why is the portrait so important to the man?  Why does Roberta believe the portrait is alive?

The Living Portrait
These questions mystify Judy.  The case becomes even more puzzling when Judy and Roberta hear an intruder in the house, and when they investigate they discover that the girl's face has changed expression!  The explanation for this unbelievable event makes for a thrilling solution to the mystery of the living portrait.
  #19 The Secret of the Musical Tree
Twice in one day Judy Bolton is mistaken for her cousin, Roxy Zoller—first by a clerk and next by her friend, Hugh Spencer.  Judy learns that Roxy and her father were in a plane crash and that Hugh is worried about her since Roxy broke a date with him.

Judy calls Roxy's house, and a strange woman answers the phone.  At first, she refuses to let Judy speak to Roxy, but when Roxy finally comes to the phone, Roxy is vague and mysterious in her answers.  Judy knows that something is wrong.  At home, Judy receives an early Christmas present from Roxy which Roxy marked to be opened before Christmas.  A note inside leads Judy to believe that Roxy wants Judy to switch places with her.

The Secret of the Musicial Tree
Judy travels to Roxy's home and uses a ladder to climb into Roxy's bedroom.  Roxy and her father are being held prisoner in her home by a group of criminals.  Roxy and Judy trade places so that Roxy can take care of a certain bit of business and also fetch Peter.  Judy is left alone with the criminals and must fool them about her true identity until help comes.
  #20 The Warning on the Window
Someone is trying to sabotage the rebuilding of Roulsville, which was destroyed after the flood caused by the breaking of the Roulsville dam.  Mysterious accidents have injured workers and set back the construction of the new homes.  Peter is called by the foreman to investigate the sabotage.

While he is on the premises, Peter is attacked by an unknown assailant and is nearly buried alive underneath a pile of dirt.  Peter is hospitalized in serious condition, and Judy devotes her energy into uncovering who is responsible for the accident.

The Warning on the Window
A piece of plastic that Roberta found at the construction site may be the key to uncovering the culprit behind the accident.  As Judy investigates this lead, she comes face to face with the suspect and must use all of her wits to survive!
  #21 The Clue of the Stone Lantern
Judy wonders what has happened to Roberta's father, a sea captain, who writes letters to Roberta.  It has been quite some time since Roberta received a letter from Captain Dunn.  Roberta suddenly begins to remember snatches of her past—a garden with a stone lantern, flowers, her mother and father.

A strange man and woman show up at the Dobbs home asking about Roberta.  Judy instantly dislikes them and wonders about their motive.  They claim to be related to Roberta's father and claim that he has died in a shipwreck.  After they leave, Judy tries to find Roberta but discovers that Roberta has disappeared.

The Clue of the Stone Lantern
Judy and Peter search for answers to Roberta's strange past, a search that finally leads them to Chicago where they are able to reunite Roberta with her parents.
  #22 The Spirit of Fog Island
If we miss each other again I'll be on the beach at the end of Fog Island Friday evening at sundown without fail.  Love,

                                                                              Your husband

This note that Judy receives while waiting for Peter on the Chicago pier plunges Judy into a sequence of mysterious and frightening events.  Judy does miss meeting Peter and asks for directions to Fog Island.  Judy journeys to an Indian reservation where she is met with suspicion as an outsider.

The Spirit of Fog Island
Nobody at the reservation knows anything about Peter, leaving Judy unsure and afraid.  Why did Peter send her such a mysterious note?  And why does Peter want Judy to meet her in a secluded location on an Indian reservation?  Judy has no answer to these questions, and all she can do is wait for the designated meeting time and hope that Peter keeps his promise.
  #23 The Black Cat's Clue
Fifteen year old Holly Potter has returned to visit her Uncle David Potter during a family reunion he planned at his home only to learn that he was recently killed in a train wreck in Florida.  Holly is afraid to face her relatives alone so she convinces Judy to pretend to be her redheaded older sister Doris.

Judy plans to masquerade as Doris until she and Holly can learn why Holly's relatives are searching Uncle David's house and whether Uncle David is really the person who planned the family reunion.  Holly considers it odd that Uncle David invited all of the relatives he liked the least and failed to invite the relatives he liked the most.

The Black Cat's Clue
Soon Judy has more to investigate than scheming relatives.  David Potter's house is haunted!  One bedroom is locked, and from that room an organ plays and a man sings during the night.  The voice sounds like the voice of David Potter.  Is Uncle David's ghost haunting his house, or is Uncle David still alive?  Judy has several thrilling adventures in the Potter home until she learns the answer.
  #24 The Forbidden Chest
Judy helps Holly Potter pick up her things from her Cousin Cleo's house, including a chest that Holly refuses to open because it is "forbidden."  Cousin Cleo is not at home when Judy and Holly arrive, but since Holly does not care to wait, they leave without seeing Cousin Cleo.

The next day Cousin Cleo accuses Holly of theft because all of her valuable antiques have been stolen.  Judy knows that Holly did not take the antiques since Judy was with Holly at Cousin Cleo's home.  Cousin Cleo is convinced that Holly has hidden her antiques inside the locked forbidden chest, but Holly refuses to open the chest to prove her innocence.

The Forbidden Chest
Holly's mother's last words before she died were "Don't open it!" and so Holly will not open the chest.  Unfortunately, Cousin Cleo continues to suspect Holly of the theft.  Judy must prove Holly's innocence and the only way is to find the real thief, even though Judy has very few clues.
  #25 The Haunted Road
Criminals dress up as ghosts along a lonely country road in order to scare truck drivers so that they can hijack their vehicles.  The purpose is to gain possession of valuable radio and television parts that are being transported in the trucks.

When Peter learns that Frank Caffero's father has been threatened, he goes with Frank to try to prevent a hijacking.  The hijacking occurs anyway, and Frank, Peter, and the truck all disappear without a trace.  The only witness is Frank's father who only remembers something white coming down from above and shutting out his vision.

The Haunted Road
Judy fears that Peter is dead and searches frantically for a clue as to what happened to him.
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