Judy Bolton

The Judy Bolton Mystery Stories #26-38
by Margaret Sutton

The summaries for volumes 26 through 29 were written in their entirety by this site's webmaster, Jennifer White, in the early 2000s.  Since that time, the summaries have been copied to other series book websites without permission and without proper source attribution.

The summaries for volumes 30 through 38 have been taken from the publisher summaries.
  #26 The Clue in the Ruined Castle
Horace plans to write a follow-up story to his feature article about the ruined castle owned by John Dent.  It has been long rumored that John Dent and Hilma Joerg, former owner, are in the midst of a feud.  Since Horace is sick, Judy and Peter visit the castle to see what they can discover.

While outside the castle walls, Judy and Peter hear mysterious violin music playing from within the castle.  They speak to Granny Joerg and her family and learn that nobody has seen John Dent in a long time and fear that caretaker Hiram Boggs may have concealed his death.  They also learn that Granny Joerg's grandchildren have been missing for several hours.

The Clue in the Ruined Castle
Judy and Peter speak to Hiram Boggs who claims that he has not seen the children.  Uncertain whether to believe the man, they decide that they must find a way inside the castle to find John Dent and the children in case they are being held captive by the mean caretaker.
  #27 The Trail of the Green Doll
"Don't look for it!"  The voice startles Judy and Honey as it seems to come out of nowhere.  The girls search the area but cannot discover the source of the voice.  The strange voice is the first in a series of events drawing Judy into her latest mystery.

Judy takes in Helen Riker and her children Penny and Paul as boarders at her home in Dry Brook Hollow.  Penny speaks of a green doll but is scolded by her brother.  What Judy does hear leads her to believe that some men stole some type of green doll from Mrs. Riker and that it has something to do with their Uncle Paul Riker.  Judy and Horace go with the Rikers to visit Uncle Paul, but he has disappeared, his house has burned to the ground, and his entire collection of jade has been stolen.

The Trail of the Green Doll
Judy has quite a mystery to solve.  She must find the thieves and Uncle Paul and help Mrs. Riker through a difficult time.
  #28 The Haunted Fountain
Judy recalls one unsolved mystery from her childhood, that of the haunted fountain on the Brandt estate.  Judy visited the fountain one time, and it spoke to her, telling her to make a wish.  Judy never did learn how the fountain spoke.

After Judy relates the story to Lois and Lorraine, the three girls visit the Brandt estate to see the fountain.  They ignore a "No Trespassing" sign, and then are confronted by two men who threaten them to leave.  The girls leave but sneak back so they can visit the fountain.  Judy finds a diamond in the fountain and wonders how it came to be there.

The Haunted Fountain
Something is also bothering Lorraine, and it is apparently connected to the mysterious events at the Brandt estate.  Judy wants to help Lorraine, but her biggest obstacle is getting proud Lorraine to speak about her problems.
  #29 The Clue of the Broken Wing
When Blackberry, Judy's remarkable black cat, presents her with his latest gift—a curious little pink china wing, which he had found in the garden—it takes Judy seven days and a three-hundred-mile journey to solve the mystery to which the china wing was—at first—the sole clue.

Oddly enough, another mystery leads Judy to her second clue involving the broken wing.  When Judy and Peter travel to Brooklyn to visit the Meredith family at Tower House, they discover that the house has been torn down!  What has happened to the Merediths?  Judy and Peter can learn nothing from the lady across the street, but inexplicably, the broken wing found by Blackberry matches the missing piece from an angel on the family's mantelpiece.

The Clue of the Broken Wing
How the young girl detective risks her life to find the answers to many seemingly unrelated puzzles and gives to a sorrowing family the most precious Christmas gift of all makes for a thrilling and moving story.
  #30 The Phantom Friend
"What do you mean?" Judy asks her new friend, Clarissa Valentine.  "How could you look in a mirror and not see your reflection?"

When Clarissa insists that this strange thing has happened to her, Judy and the other girls think she is teasing them.  But when Clarissa disappears in the middle of a television show, even Judy has to admit something peculiar is going on.  The three other girls are angry, because with Clarissa went the twenty dollars they had loaned her.  But Judy still believes in Clarissa, though something certainly is very wrong.

The Phantom Friend
Judy wishes her FBI husband, Peter Dobbs, would complete his mysterious mission and join her in New York City.  She wants him to help her find the young girl, who might be in real danger.  What Judy does not know is that Peter himself is in danger.  The next time she sees him, he is lying injured in a hospital bed.  But by a weird combination of circumstance, what happens to Peter gives Judy her first clue to what might have happened to Clarissa.  When Judy, with Peter's help, finally learns what really did happen, she uncovers a mystery far more exciting than she could possibly have imagined.
  #31 The Clue at the Dragon's Mouth
When the FBI suddenly orders Judy's husband Peter to Washington, D.C. on a bank robbery case, the young couple is just about to start off on a trip.  It looks as though Judy is in for a lonely, boring week by herself.  But as all Judy Bolton fans know, it never takes long for Judy to find a mystery—and if she doesn't, mystery generally finds her.

That's how it happens this time, and all because, to cheer herself up after Peter's plane departs, Judy buys a corsage of snapdragons!

The Clue at the Dragon's Mouth
Judy is wearing the corsage when she and Peter's sister, Honey Dobbs, decide to drive to New York City and spend a few days with Irene and Dale Meredith.  On the way, the two girls nearly have a fatal accident.  A handsome young stranger comes to their rescue and introduces himself as Mr. Nogard.

What Mr. Nogard says when he sees Judy's corsage, and the mysterious package he gives her lead to an exciting cross-country ride for Judy and Honey.  In the heart of Yellowstone Park, at the Dragon's Mouth, Judy finds a vital clue to Peter's bank robbery case and at the same time places herself in great danger.

How one word on a postcard alerts Peter to her predicament winds up a hair-raising mystery-adventure for Judy which all girls will love.

  #32 The Whispered Watchword
Wherever Judy goes, excitement and adventure are sure to follow.  In fact, no sooner do Judy and her FBI husband Peter Dobbs arrive in Washington, D.C., than Judy is knee-deep in mystery and suspense.

It all begins quite innocently—the old Senate Office Building is being plagued by mice, and Judy's beloved cat Blackberry, rejected at the motel where she and Peter are staying, is elected official mousecatcher.  There is only one problem—Blackberry has disappeared.

The Whispered Watchword
Who let Blackberry out of the motel room and why?  The owner, paralyzed by fear, refuses to talk—that is, until his own daughter vanishes—then he readily agrees to cooperate with the FBI and a Senate Committee investigating organized crime.

But there is more involved in this labyrinth of intrigue than even Judy suspects.  As she tours the Capitol building, she overhears a strange whisper which only can mean one thing—more danger!  The life of a prominent Senator has been threatened, and Judy is suddenly faced with a great challenge to her cherished ideals of freedom and democracy.  As the intricate pattern of the situation begins to emerge, Judy finally finds a solution both to her own dilemma and to a far larger and more perplexing situation.

  #33 The Secret Quest
Judy and her young FBI husband Peter Dobbs go to the airport in Washington, D.C., to meet Peter's sister Honey, who is going to visit them for a week and take in the many interesting sights.  Back at the motel where the three are stopping, Honey is amazed to find that accidentally she has picked up the wrong suitcase.  Instead of the pretty suits that she herself had designed, the bag contains some very old-fashioned garments, an old diary dated 1847, and an old coffee mill.  Even more startling is Peter's discovery of a sheaf of notes on solar science stuffed inside the drawer of the coffee mill. The Secret Quest
The odd clothes remind Honey of two quaintly dressed little old ladies who were on the plane with her.  And later, when she and Judy and Peter catch a glimpse of the same old ladies in the company of the new artist whose arrival at the Dean Studios caused Honey to lose her job there, the three young detectives are even more perplexed.  At a solar science exhibit in the Smithsonian Institution, Judy picks up the first slim clue to an increasingly baffling mystery and starts on her dangerous secret quest for its solution.
  #34 The Puzzle in the Pond
When redheaded Judy Bolton and her friend, Holly Potter, set out after the green car, they never dream that the chase is going to lead them into a far greater mystery than just the theft of Holly's typewriter.  What Judy sees under the surface of the pond by the beaver dam is enough to mystify—and terrify—anyone, and the young detective can't be blamed for not immediately realizing the significance of the "apparition."

But when Judy adds up the clue in the film, the voice from the tree, and the information her young FBI husband, Peter Dobbs, gives her, the picture finally becomes clear.  An mystery of long standing is solved, and the future of three confused people becomes bright.

The Puzzle in the Pond
Judy Bolton fans will love this latest story of Judy's adventures and how her brother Horace, Peter's sister Honey, and of course Peter himself help her solve the puzzle that started when the big dam broke and ends in the beaver pond.
  #35 The Hidden Clue
"It is strange that she remembers a doll's name and not her own," Judy agrees when her friends ask about the little girl Judy and her FBI husband, Peter Dobbs, have taken into their home after the orphanage fire.

The mystery deepens when the toy shop where Judy has seen the doll apparently disappears.  At the library across the street the little girl, known only as Sister, puzzles Judy still further by insisting that the librarian is her mother.  They both seem to know a strange character called Auntie Grumble, but is she real?  And who are the mysterious men who made the doll walk and talk and sing?  Can Judy and Peter be sheltering a kidnapped child?

The Hidden Clue
Somewhere, Judy is sure, there must be a hidden clue to the identity of Sister and her baby brother.  How Judy finds it and follows it against the wishes of her father, Dr. Bolton, makes an unusual mystery story that will at first baffle and then delight readers.
  #36 The Pledge of the Twin Knights
As Judy and Honey watch the stony-faced stranger choosing between a plastic and an ivory chess set, Judy has no idea that she is making the first move in a dangerous game with cold-blooded criminals.  In fact, she doesn't even realize that there is a mystery—not until twelve hours have passed and still there is no word from her father.

Why hasn't Dr. Bolton phoned?  Where is he?  With an emergency case?  Or could the prison break have something to do with the doctor's disappearance?

The Pledge of the Twin Knights
Judy finds a clue concealed in one of the twin knights with which she and the sinister "Seal" have been playing a game of chess.  But this clue leads only to another puzzle.  Why did "Seal" fly into a rage at her innocent question?  Obviously, there is more to this chess game than can be seen on the chessboard.

Peter, Honey, and Horace help Judy all they can.  But it is Blackberry, Judy's strong-minded cat, who eventually shows her the secret in the barn.  With this knowledge, Judy now knows how to move the pieces on the "chessboard," and in a thrilling final move, checkmates a gang of desperate criminals.

  #37 The Search for the Glowing Hand
Who set the suspicious fire over the furniture store?  And who turned in the false alarm that sent the fire engines to the opposite end of town just when they were needed most?

Judy's lively curiosity is working overtime as she considers these questions while waiting for Peter to come home.  But curiosity gives way to real concern when Judy, telephoning Horace, hears the telltale click of the upstairs extension phone.  She is not alone in the house!  It takes courage to face the dark stairway, but Judy has what it takes; and what she discovers leads her into a deeper mystery.

The Search for the Glowing Hand
Judy discovers that the intruder is a young boy who is afraid of being arrested for something that he did not do.  As Judy and Peter work to help Ken, they become deeply involved in fighting against social and religious persecution.  A group of young people who call themselves the Wasps are fighting against change and against everyone who is different.  Judy and Peter must find a way to stop the Wasps before the entire city is divided.
  #38 The Secret of the Sand Castle
When Judy's cousin Roxy asks her to inspect some ocean-front property, part of which has been left to Roxy in her stepmother's will, Judy is only too glad to do it.  It will be fun, she thinks, to go Sunday with Irene, Flo, and Pauline on the boat over to Fire Island, off the Long Island shore, and see how a resort looks in November.  Even when they reach the apparently deserted, windswept island with its boarded-up cottages and incessant pounding surf, the girls are still in high spirits.  The make their way to "The Sand Castle," the cottage Irene and her husband had occupied the previous summer; and Judy is delighted with the tower room, whose windows look out upon the vast expanse of ocean. The Secret of the Sand Castle
But soon it seems as if some subtle evil force is at work, hidden in the gathering fog, threatening the apprehensive girls.  They are horrified to learn that there will be no boat to take them back to the mainland until the following Sunday!  Thoroughly uneasy now, Judy nevertheless refuses to believe that the mysterious woman in black, whom she glimpses momentarily, is the ghost of the woman who used to come back to the island to dig for her jewels, lost in the worst of the big hurricanes.

How Judy, by keeping her head and using courage and common sense, protects her friends from harm and solves the mystery, makes a lively and spine-chilling story.

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