Kay Tracey

The Kay Tracey Mystery Stories
1940s Dust Jacket Gallery

The Kay Tracey series was originally issued by Cupples and Leon in the 1930s in thick books with yellow spine dust jackets designed with a question mark and Kay's face on the spine. In the 1940s, the spine of each dust jacket was redesigned to show a symbol representing the title of the book. Featured here are scans of the redesigned dust jackets.
1. The Secret of the Red Scarf 2. The Strange Echo 3. The Mystery of the Swaying Curtains 4. The Shadow on the Door
5. The Six Fingered Glove Mystery 6. The Green Cameo Mystery 7. The Secret at the Windmill 8. Beneath the Crimson Briar Bush
9. The Message in the Sand Dunes 10. The Murmuring Portrait 11. When the Key Turned 12. In the Sunken Garden
13. The Forbidden Tower 14. The Sacred Feather 15. The Lone Footprint 16. The Double Disguise
17. The Mansion of Secrets 18. The Mysterious Neighbors
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