The Doris Force Series   

The Doris Force Series
Glossy Illustrations

#1 Doris Force at Locked Gates

"Look what the dog dug up!" Doris exclaimed.

At mention of her name Doris crept a step nearer.

"We'll hide the ring!" Doris exclaimed.

"The matter will not be dropped!" Doris cried.
#2 Doris Force at Cloudy Cove

"Look out!" cried Doris frantically.

There lay one of the magician's snakes!

A large fish flashed out of the water.

"Where—where did you get this photograph?"
#3 Doris Force at Raven Rock

"Is there any ranch around here that accommodates travelers?" Doris asked.

Doris cowered in the back of her cubicle as the man caught sight of her.

Weariness was forgotten when the girls caught sight of the wild scene.

Her hands gripped more firmly the steel bar behind her.

#4 Doris Force at Barry Manor

They were simple, lilting little melodies that Doris sang.

"Hurry!  Doris cried, scooping up emerald brooches and diamond bangles.

"It is going to land!" Doris cried.

Working feverishly, Doris tied the other end of the snare to a firm picket.

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