The Ruth Fielding Series #11-20

#11 Ruth Fielding at College
          Or, The Missing Examination Papers
Fame is not always an asset—Ruth Fielding ruefully draws this conclusion soon after she and Helen Cameron arrive at Ardmore College.  Ruth finds that a certain group of girls, led by Edie Phelps, think that she is full of herself because of her success as a scenario writer.  Ruth holds her head high and pretends that their criticism does not bother her.

Ruth and Helen are delighted to learn that Jennie "Heavy" Stone has also decided to come to Ardmore.  Jennie proclaims that she and her aunt decided that she would continue to gain weight unless she occupied herself in college.  Jennie declares that she is going to lose weight.

Ruth is puzzled over the behavior of Rebecca Frayne, who refuses to wear a powder blue tam-o'-shanter like the rest of the Freshman Class.  Rebecca's behavior quickly brands her as a outcast.

Ruth Fielding at College
"Ashore!  Put us ashore!" Ruth gasped.
By the end of her first year in college, Ruth learns why Rebecca Frayne maintains such a haughty, sullen attitude and also uncovers the secret behind what happened to an unfortunate girl who was cruelly hazed during the previous school year.
#12 Ruth Fielding in the Saddle
          Or, College Girls in the Land of Gold
Ruth, Helen, and Jennie travel west to Arizona at the beginning of their summer vacation.  A new film is to be shot at a mining camp, and Ruth is slated to write the scenario.  Ruth plans to immerse herself in the atmosphere of Arizona and write the scenario as they await the film company's arrival.  During the train ride, Ruth is surprised to discover that Edie Phelps is on the same train.  Ruth wonders why Edie is traveling to Arizona.

Later, an accident causes the train to break into two parts, and a burned-out bridge causes Ruth's part of the train to be stranded.  The delay costs Ruth's group quite a bit of time, and they reach Arizona long after Edie Phelps arrives.  Ruth and her friends are shocked to learn that Edie met their friend, Ann, at the station and left with her and their guide.  Ruth's group is forced to find a new guide.  Ruth decides that Edie wanted to arrive at the mining camp before Ruth—but why?

Ruth Fielding in the Saddle
As the mad horse circled her, the girl struck again and again.
At the mining camp, Ruth and her friends settle in and soon the film company arrives.  Ruth becomes acquainted with a strange hermit who lives near the camp and continues to wonder about Edie.  Soon, Ruth and her friends make an exciting discovery that sheds light on Edie's secret and causes a real gold rush.
#13 Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross
          Or, Doing Her Best for Uncle Sam
Now that the Great War has begun, Ruth and Helen take time off from their sophomore year at Ardmore College in order to devote their time to the Red Cross and the war effort.  Ruth feels very strongly that their work is needed.  Many people in the farming communities have yet to awaken to the seriousness of the war.  Ruth and Helen travel to different farms and enlighten people about the work of the Red Cross.

The girls are worried, yet proud, when Tom Cameron, who is now a soldier, departs for Europe.  Soon, both Jennie Stone and Helen Cameron leave for Europe so that they, too, can help out. 

Ruth continues her work at home with the Red Cross and is soon transferred to the state headquarters.  Ruth is concerned when she discovers that a woman, Mrs. Mantle, who had previously been very critical of the Red Cross, now works for the Red Cross in an important position.

Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross
Occasionally a darting airplane attracted her to the window.
A mysterious fire wipes out all of the records of donations at the state headquarters, and Ruth wonders whether the fire was set in order to hide any evidence of missing money.  Ruth soon travels to France and helps comfort the injured soldiers.  Ruth's worries surface again when Mrs. Mantle arrives in France along with two of her confederates.  Ruth keeps a watchful eye on Mrs. Mantle as she wonders whether she should tell someone about her suspicions.
#14 Ruth Fielding at the War Front
          Or, The Hunt for the Lost Soldier
Ruth continues her work for the Red Cross and is soon transferred to a hospital that is on the war front.  Ruth faces the very real danger of possible death but soon has a greater concern.  Ruth asks a friend whether there is any news of Tom Cameron and learns that he has disappeared in Germany—and is suspected of working for the Germans!  Ruth is shaken but certain that Tom would never betray his country.

Ruth becomes acquainted with the Countess Marchand and her son, Major Marchand.  Ruth trusts the Countess completely, but is suspicious that her son might be working for the Germans. 

One day, Ruth is walking along a road when a strange note is dropped from a plane.  The note states, "Don't believe everything you hear."  It is written in Tom Cameron's handwriting.  Ruth realizes that Tom must be in on some secret mission in German territory.

Ruth Fielding at the War Front
"Halt!" was the sudden command.
Ruth soon has an unexpected ally who has information about Tom.  The two concoct a daring plan which requires Ruth to travel into enemy territory in disguise so that Tom can be rescued.  Ruth willingly agrees to the plan, but will she make it out alive?
#15 Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound
          Or, A Red Cross Worker's Ocean Perils
A bomb strikes the French hospital in which Ruth is working, and Ruth's shoulder is seriously injured.  Ruth is forced to end her work with the Red Cross and head home to the United States.  Just before Ruth boards the Admiral Pekhard, she learns that Tom Cameron is missing after a plane crash.  Ruth fears that Tom may be dead.

Once the ship departs, Ruth meets a German lady named Irma Lentz who speaks of the Americans with scorn.  That evening, Ruth overhears Ms. Lentz speaking in German to a crew member, and their conversation sounds suspicious.  Ruth takes her suspicions to the captain of the ship, but the man makes fun of her.  Later, Ruth realizes that the captain told Ms. Lentz and many other people of Ruth's suspicions, causing Ruth to be ostracized as a troublemaker.

Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound
There was a gray, swiftly steaming ship bearing down upon the Admiral Pekhard.
Ruth notices a stowaway on one of the ship's lifeboats and tries to notify the ship's first officer, Mr. Dowd, but is unable to reach him.  An explosion rocks the ship, and the captain orders an evacuation.  As Ruth heads to her room to fetch her important papers, she is tripped by a cord strung across the corridor and is knocked unconscious.  Ruth awakens later to discover that she is alone on the ship and stranded at sea.  Ruth must find a way to summon help as she worries about whether the abandoned ship will be attacked by the Germans.
#16 Ruth Fielding Down East
          Or, The Hermit of Beach Plum Point
Ruth is devastated when her latest scenario is stolen by a tramp.  Ruth had left her scenario laying inside the summerhouse at the Old Mill when a storm blew up.  She returns to the summerhouse and finds that her scenario is missing.  The hired man, Ben, reports that a tramp came through the area earlier in the day and that the man quoted poetry.  Ruth and Tom suspect that the man might be an actor who realized the value of the scenario.

Soon, Ruth joins Mr. Hammond and his film company in Maine where they are making Ruth's latest film.  Mr. Hammond is disappointed to learn that Ruth's scenario is missing and comments that he must search for another one to use.  He offers five hundred dollars cash to anyone who can produce a usable script.  Ruth reads some of the scripts that are submitted to Mr. Hammond and is shocked when she recognizes her story.

Ruth Fielding Down East
Tom cast aside his sweater and plunged into the tide.
Unfortunately, Ruth had been very secretive about the plot of her scenario, so she has no proof that the story is hers.  Ruth notices that even Mr. Hammond and her closest friends are skeptical of Ruth's claim and think that she is not rational.  Ruth must find a way to prove that the scenario is based on her original story.
#17 Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest
          Or, The Indian Girl Star of the Movies
While on a pleasure jaunt, Ruth Fielding and her friends decide to attend Dakota Joe's Wild West Show.  After the girls park their car, an enraged bull charges them.  The bull is shot by an Indian girl named Wonota, who works in Dakota Joe's show.  Ruth is grateful and thanks the girl later.  Ruth notices that Dakota Joe treats Wonota cruelly and decides to see whether she can get Wonota away from Dakota Joe.

Ruth believes that Wonota would be successful in the moving pictures, so she enlists the help of Mr. Hammond, and a way is found to break Wonota from her contract with Dakota Joe.  Mr. Hammond and Ruth agree that Wonota will be perfect in Ruth's next film.  Filming begins, but Dakota Joe is determined to seek revenge upon Ruth and follows the film company during filming.  Dakota Joe tries several times to injure both Wonota and Ruth.

Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest
Behind her the timbers poured down the bluff.
The threat of Dakota Joe continues to loom over Ruth, and she hopes that filming can be completed without any major mishap.  The problem of Dakota Joe is eventually solved, and Wonota's father, Chief Totantora, comes home from Europe where he had been imprisoned during the war.
#18 Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence
          Or, The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands
At Jennie Stone's wedding reception, Helen and Tom Cameron are annoyed when Chess Copley is overly attentive to Ruth Fielding.  Helen acts like she hates Chess, and Tom is intensely jealous and worried that Ruth may end up with Chess.  Ruth is just as interested in Tom as she has always been, but she is discontent with Tom's laziness and wants Tom to prove himself as a man in business.  Ruth feels that she must keep her distance from Tom so that he can be successful.

Meanwhile, both Wonota and her father, Chief Totantora, are now under contract to Mr. Hammond and plan to appear in Ruth's next film, which is to be filmed in the Thousand Islands.  An unscrupulous rival filmmaker, Horatio Bilby, tries to break Wonota and Totantora's contract with Mr. Hammond.  In order to thwart Bilby, the two Indians flee over the border to Canada, and their disappearance adds to the cost of Ruth's film and threatens to halt production completely.

Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence
The cameras whirred while the barge pushed close into shore.
Meanwhile, Ruth and Chess continue their friendship and investigate odd happenings at one of the islands.  The two friends find themselves in a dangerous predicament as a result of their investigation and must use all of their wits to outsmart the villains.
#19 Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting
          Or, A Moving Picture That Became Real
Ruth Fielding, having already had success as a moving picture writer, wishes to go into business for herself.  She has a great idea for a new picture, but she needs the funds in order to film it herself.  Ruth does not want to ask her friends for help and would rather have a business partner who would only be interested in the business side of things.  Ruth decides to ask her Uncle Jabez Potter for his backing, but Uncle Jabez suffers a sunstroke and is unable to consider business affairs.

Ruth outright refuses any help from Helen and Tom Cameron.  Soon, a mysterious letter from an attorney arrives.  In the letter, Mr. Mole informs Ruth that someone has offered $100,000 backing for a film company and wishes to be Ruth's partner.  The primary condition is that Ruth is not to learn the name of her benefactor.  Ruth worries about who it could be and hires a lawyer to look into the deal. 

Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting
She was already digging beside the metal box.
After the offer proves to be valid with no loopholes, Ruth proceeds with arrangements for the filming of the first picture by the Ruth Fielding Film Company.  Ruth is driven to make good on her unknown partner's investment and wants to prove to everyone that she can be successful.
#20 Ruth Fielding in the Far North
          Or, The Lost Motion Picture Company
Ruth Fielding is thrilled about the chance for her and her film company to accompany Mr. Hammond to Alaska.  Mr. Hammond has planned a pleasure expedition and invites Ruth and her film company along since he knows that Ruth wishes to make a film in the far north.  Unknown enemies are against the journey, for someone sets the ship on fire shortly before it is to depart.  Fortunately, the damage is not extensive, and the trip is only delayed by a few days.

During the journey, Ruth notices two suspicious sailors who act oddly when Ruth is around.  She overhears them speaking about preventing Ruth's films from reaching the United States.  Ruth worries about this unexpected threat, especially after one of the men is discovered in her room.  The men cannot easily be dismissed since the group is in a remote location and their services are needed on the crew.

Ruth Fielding in the Far North
Swiftly they spread out over the ice, keeping their eyes steadily upon the shoreline.
Ruth finally shoots her last scenes for the film but has an impending feeling of doom.  Ruth is certain that some terrible disaster threatens, and her premonition becomes a reality.  Ruth and her friends must use all of their survival skills in order to avoid certain death.
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