The Cherry Ames Girls Annuals

The Cherry Ames Girls Annuals were published by World Distributors in the United Kingdom from 1958 to 1964.  The annuals are oversized picture covers that are covered with cellophane in the style of the Whitman books from the 1950s.  The annuals range from 18 cm wide by 25 cm high to 19.5 cm wide by 27 cm high.  Each of the annuals feature two Cherry Ames stories in addition to a number of other stories, including some which feature Sally Baxter and Shirley Flight, the main characters from two other World Distributors series.

1958 Annual

Page     7  "A Gallant Pioneer" by Cyril J. Hart
Page   15  Cherry Ames in "Bermuda Adventure" by Helen Wells
Page   39  "Flowers for a Film Star" by Wendy Wilkin
Page   51  "The Trail of the Dancing Magpie" by Catherine Morris
Page   67  "The Tiny Rushlight" by Jane Lowry
Page   79  Cherry Ames in "Flood Train" by Helen Wells
Page 103  "The Legend of Little Wick" by Julia Russell
Page 117  Shirley Flight in "The Tiger of Kawnpore" by Judith Dale

1959 Annual

Page     7  Cherry Ames in "Ghost Town Mystery" by Helen Wells
Page   33  "Surprise for Penny" by Catherine Morris
Page   43  Sally Baxter in "The Mannequin Mystery" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   55  "Good for Nothing" by Mary Wall
Page   63  "Nursing 100 Years Ago"
Page   68  "Nursing To-day" by Kay Burgoyne
Page   73  Cherry Ames in "Christmas in New York" by Helen Wells
Page 111  "The Legend of Li Chee" Retold by W. Royden Smith
Page 114  "Emergency!"
Page 117  "Summer Post" by Agnes Booth

1960 Annual

Page     7  Cherry Ames in "The Pinafore Club" by Helen Wells
Page   29  "Behind the Cameras" by John Hynam
Page   35  Sally Baxter in "Avalanche Adventure" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   47  "Cynthia's Benefit" by Betty E. Spence
Page   55  Shirley Flight in "Whirlybird Volunteer" by Trudi Arlen
Page   67  "Grey and Scarlet" by Rose Ashton
Page   73  Cherry Ames in "The Big Wind" by Helen Wells
Page   97  "Adventure in Malaya" by Joyce Stranger
Page 105  "The Mystery of Wideacres" by Catherine Morris
Page 119  "Climb on Ben Cormac" by Barbara M. Walsh

1961 Annual

Page     7  Cherry Ames in "Frontier Week" by Helen Wells
Page   33  "Chupo" by Jane Hynam
Page   39  Sally Baxter in "The Missing Patient" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   49  "His Life for Others" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   54  "The Man in the Moon" by Rosemary Weir
Page   59  Shirley Flight in "The Kidnapped Heiress" by Judith Dale
Page   73  Cherry Ames in "Snowbound" by Helen Wells
Page   99  Kay Collins in "The Beauty Spot" by Trudi Arlen
Page 109  "Sebastian's Encore" by Susan Jolly
Page 121  "Mystery by Starlight" by Doris F. Wilkin

1962 Annual

Page     7  Cherry Ames in "Rocky Mountain Adventure" by Helen Wells
Page   29  "Skylarks to the Rescue" by Margaret Kent
Page   35  Sally Baxter in "The Television Rivals" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   47  "Wendy of the S.S. Blueseas" by Beryl Deakin
Page   58  "Stodge at Gateshead" by Frances M. Lindsay
Page   67  "The Magic Mould" by Sylvia Corbridge
Page   73  Kay Collins in "Substitute Secretary" by Trudi Arlen
Page   82  "Spilt Ink" by Joan Hynam
Page   85  Cherry Ames in "The Case of the Puzzling Patient" by Helen Wells
Page 106  "A Cafe in Normandy" by J. Hynam
Page 111  Shirley Flight in "Three Gold Watches" by Judith Dale
Page 119  "Winnig Shot" by Rita Brown

1963 Annual

Page     7  Cherry Ames in "The Playhouse Mystery" by Helen Wells
Page   33  Kay Collins in "The Glass Madonna" by Trudi Arlen
Page   43  "Sally Hits the Bull" by Arthur Waterhouse
Page   51  "Penelope Gets the Message" by Theo Lynch
Page   57  Sally Baxter in "The Spanish Picture Mystery" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   69  "Live and Learn" by Joyce Stranger
Page   77  "A Caravan Named Mopsy" by D.M. Priestley
Page   87  "The Fifty Mile Road" by Ivy Russell
Page   91  Cherry Ames in "The Trouble with Sarah" by Helen Wells
Page 113  "The Helping Hand" by Agnes Booth
Page 121  "A Friend to All" by Sylvia Edwards

1964 Annual

Page     7  Cherry Ames in "A Cape Cod Tale" by Helen Wells
Page   29  "The Second-best Bed" by Agnes Booth
Page   35  Sally Baxter in "The Moonstone Ring" by Sylvia Edwards
Page   47  "A Crown for a Princess" by D.M. Priestley
Page   55  "The Hidden Room" by Joyce Hiorns
Page   65  "The Taking of the Red One" by Kay Farrell
Page   71  "A Test of Courage" by Kay Fielding
Page   77  "Daddy Longlegs to the Rescue" by Karen Frost
Page   81  Cherry Ames in "The Riddle of Devil's Mountain" by Helen Wells
Page 101  "The Menkausus Affair" by Diane M. Powell
Page 109  "The Case of the Lonely Ghost" by Mary Harvey
Page 113  "Nursing Today" by Sylvia Edwards
Page 117  Kay Collins in "Trouble in Hollywood" by Trudi Arlen

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