The Sweet Valley High Series   

The Sweet Valley High Series
Summaries and Quotes #11-20

The below summaries are taken from the back covers of the books.

  #11 Too Good to Be True

The Wakefield Twins are wild with excitement.  Glamorous, sophisticated Suzanne Devlin is coming to Sweet Valley from New York City.  For two weeks, Elizabeth will show her around town while Jessica has the time of her life in New York.

At first, Suzanne seems to be the most perfect girl in the world.  She's beautiful and friendly and not the least bit stuck-up.  All the boys of Sweet Valley are absolutely crazy about her.  But when Suzanne accuses Mr. Collins of trying to seduce her, Elizabeth knows there's more to Suzanne than meets the eye.

SVH #11 Too Good to Be True


Jessica finds herself madly in love with Suzanne's boyfriend, Pete McCafferty, who does his best to ignore her.  Suddenly the tables are turned and Jessica is in over her head.

  #12 When Love Dies

The Wakefield twins' older brother, Steven, is heartbroken.  His girlfriend, Tricia Martin, no longer seems interested in him.  She breaks their dates and doesn't return his calls.  Steven can't understand why Tricia's feelings have changed so suddenly.

Jessica is thrilled that Steven isn't dating Tricia anymore.  She sees it as the perfect opportunity to pair him with her best friend, Cara Walker.  Elizabeth, Jessica's twin, thinks that scheming, gossipy Cara is all wrong for Steven.  She's determined to find out the reason for Tricia's strange behavior—and horrified when she discovers the awful truth.

SVH #12 When Love Dies


Jessica convinces Elizabeth to become a candy striper at Sweet Valley Hospital after she learns that television personality Jeremy Frank is a patient at the hospital.  Jessica's plan is to charm herself into a guest spot on Jeremy's television show.

Quotes from Volume 12

pages 26-27:
"Don't you remember the last time we watched Love Story on TV?  I used up an entire box of tissues, and that was only for the first half."

Elizabeth sighed.  "I don't think I'll ever forget."

For weeks afterward, Jessica had pretended to feel faint whenever a boy she liked came near, in hopes he'd think she had some romantic, incurable disease.  It ended the day she pulled her act on Tom McKay and he'd commented nervously that he hoped whatever she had wasn't catching.
  #13 Kidnapped!

Elizabeth Wakefield never imagined that her evening of volunteer work at Sweet Valley's hospital would turn into the most horrifying night of her life.  But when a strong hand clamps a chloroformed rag over her mouth and she is pulled from her car, Elizabeth's hellish ordeal begins.

When she regains consciousness, Elizabeth find herself tied to a chair in an isolated shack.  She has been kidnapped—by Carl, a lonely and disturbed orderly from the hospital.  Elizabeth doesn't know what Carl want from her, but it's clear he's on the brink of insanity.  Somehow Elizabeth must escape—before it's too late!

SVH #13 Kidnapped!

Quotes from Volume 13

pages 10-11:
Actually for a while Jessica had contemplated making a grand entrance wearing only the dress, thinking wickedly about how the sight of her cold, shivering body would prompt Nicholas to rush up and put his arms around her to warm her up.  But evenings at this time of year were usually chilly, and she saw no reason to risk pneumonia just for a sympathy hug.  She'd have to settle for throwing her coat off dramatically as she was being ushered into the Morrow mansion.
  #14 Deceptions

Elizabeth Wakefield is stunned when Nicholas Morrow asks her for a date.  A newcomer to Sweet Valley, Nicholas is fabulously wealthy and extremely handsome.  Even though Elizabeth would never cheat on Todd Wilkins, her steady boyfriend, Nicholas is so attractive and sincere that she agrees to go out with him just once.

To make matters worse, Jessica, Elizabeth's scheming twin, announces that Nicholas Morrow is the boy for her.  Suddenly Nicholas is the only thing on Jessica's mind.  Elizabeth is terrified to think what will happen if Todd or her twin finds out about her date with Nicholas.  But who can keep a secret from Jessica Wakefield?

SVH #14 Deceptions


Jessica befriends computer geek Randy Mason so that she can learn more about computers.  In this way, Jessica hopes to make herself more appealing to Nicholas Morrow.  Jessica's scheme with Randy ends in an unexpectedly disastrous manner.

Quotes from Volume 14

page 77:
Jessica leaned back in her seat.  As Elizabeth turned into the Wakefields' street, Jessica burst out with, "Oh, Liz!  I'm such a mess!"

Elizabeth reached out to stroke her sister's hand.  "No, you're not," she comforted.  "We all make mistakes."

"Yes, I am, " Jessica insisted.  "Just look at me."

Elizabeth turned to see Jessica staring into a tiny pocket mirror.  "I am a mess," she repeated, wailing.  "I've absolutely ruined my eye makeup."
  #15 Promises

Steven Wakefield is crushed when his girlfriend, Tricia, dies after a tragic illness.  The only things that keep him going are the memory of their love and his promise to Tricia to take care of her sister, Betsy, after she's gone.

Betsy Martin's wild exploits with drink, drugs, and boys have left her with the worst reputation in Sweet Valley.  But when Steven takes her into the Wakefield home, Betsy make a promise to change.  And as her goodness grows, so does her love for Steven.

Jessica, Steven's conniving younger sister, doesn't like this one bit.  She makes a little promise of her own—to get Betsy out of the house and out of Steven's life . . . forever!

SVH #15 Promises


Roger Barrett's mother has a heart attack and is in danger of dying unless she gets an immediate operation, which the Barretts cannot afford.  Much to everyone's shock, Bruce Patman's father, Henry Patman, finances the operation.

Quotes from Volume 15

page 122:
"Oh, wow!  Can you believe it?" shrieked Jessica.  "There I am."

"Where?" asked Elizabeth.  "I can't find you."

"To the left of Winston, all the way by the wall."  Jessica jumped off her seat and raced over to the TV.  "See—there's the sleeve of my new dress," she said, pointing.

"Oh, yeah, imagine that.  Your entire arm is on television," Elizabeth said unenthusiastically.  "Congratulations, Jess.  Can I touch you?"

"You don't have to be such a spoilsport, Liz.  I know you're just jealous because you're not on."  Jessica pouted as the camera focused in on Winston.

"OK, Jessica.  If it'll make you happy, I admit it.  I'm jealous.  You looked really terrific there for a few seconds."
  #16 Rags to Riches

No one would have guessed that Roger Barrett, the poorest boy in Sweet Valley, was really one of the Patmans, the wealthiest family in town.  But when Roger's mother dies, the secret of his birth is revealed, and overnight he becomes a millionaire!

Immediately Jessica Wakefield sets her sights on Roger and his newfound wealth.  Only one thing stands in her way—Olivia Davidson, Roger's longtime girlfriend.  But not for long.  Jessica has a surefire plan to take care of her!

SVH #16 Rags to Riches


Regina cuts class frequently in the afternoons and is spotted with an older man.  Elizabeth is sure that there is a logical explanation, but Lila Fowler starts vicious rumors about Regina seeing an older man.

Quotes from Volume 16

pages 41-42:
Mr. Patman's client Mr. Ferguson and his wife were sitting under an umbrella in the shade, looking around them with displeasure, and Jessica went so far as to sit down with them.  Elizabeth walked past just as Mrs. Ferguson, pulling down her wide-brimmed hat, announced that teenagers today were the most inconsiderate creatures she had ever seen.

"I'm afraid I have to agree with you," Elizabeth had heard her twin say mournfully, clearly distinguishing herself from the inconsiderate teenagers milling all around them.
  #17 Love Letters

Caroline Pearce has always been one of the least popular girls at Sweet Valley High.  But when she invents a new out-of-town boyfriend, people finally start to pay attention to her.  Brown-eyed, six-foot Adam and his romantic love letters are the talk of the school.

Caroline has everyone fooled—even clever Jessica Wakefield.  But what begins as a bid for love and attention quickly becomes the worst jam of Caroline's life, when her friends insists on meeting the boyfriend she's been bragging about.  Can Caroline keep the truth a secret, or will her lies be her downfall?

SVH #17 Love Letters


Alice Wakefield considers accepting a job offer in San Francisco, leaving the Wakefield twins with the grim prospect of leaving everything they know and love behind.

  #18 Head Over Heels

Bruce Patman and Regina Morrow in love?  No one at Sweet Valley High can believe it.  Regina is beautiful and shy, one of the nicest girls at school.  Bruce is a real snob, and the only person he's ever cared about is himself.

Jessica Wakefield figures the romance can't last.  She knows Bruce too well.  She's even willing to bet Lila Fowler that Bruce and Regina break up within two weeks.  The stakes are high, and Jessica can't afford to lose.  If she has her way, Regina and Bruce won't be happy for long.

SVH #18 Head Over Heels
  #19 Showdown

When Lila Fowler's mysterious boyfriend finally appears at her pool party, Jessica Wakefield is dazzled.  Jack is handsome, sexy, and exciting—even more perfect than Lila described him.  So Jessica wastes no time making sure he notices her, too.

Unknown to Lila, Jack dates both girls—Jessica during the week and Lila on weekends.  But the sight of Lila's happy face on Monday mornings is more than Jessica can stand!  Jessica's twin sister, Elizabeth, warns her to drop Jack before she really gets hurt.  But Jessica would rather get Lila out of the picture.  Then Jack will be hers—all hers.

SVH #19 Showdown


Elizabeth learns that George Warren and Robin Wilson have fallen in love.  How will Enid cope when she learns the truth?

  #20 Crash Landing!

George Warren has been looking forward to taking his girlfriend, Enid Rollins, as a passenger on his first licensed flight.  Afterward he's going to tell her something he's known for a long time—he doesn't love her anymore, and their relationship is over.  Then he'll be free to date Robin Wilson, the girl he does love.

But as he and Enid are flying, George loses control of the plane and is forced to make a crash landing.  Enid is seriously injured, and George is overcome with guilt.  He can't possibly break up with Enid now.  But how long can he pretend to be in love with her and continue living a lie?

SVH #20 Crash Landing!


Jessica and Lila take cooking lessons at the civic center, and Jessica is convinced that it is a waste of time until the handsome French instructor, Jean-Pierre, arrives.  Jessica's new mission is to get Jean-Pierre to take her to the next dance!

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