The Sweet Valley High Series   

The Sweet Valley High Series
Summaries and Quotes #21-30

The below summaries are taken from the back covers of the books.

  #21 Runaway

Jessica Wakefield is sick and tired of taking second place to her twin sister, Elizabeth.  Everyone adores Elizabeth; she's kind and loving and generous.  But Jessica can't seem to do anything right.

Then Jessica meets handsome, sensitive Nicky Shepard, who feels the same way she does.  Nicky is running away to San Francisco and wants Jessica to join him.  At first she doesn't take him seriously.  But when things reach the breaking point at home, Jessica starts to see that she might be better off if she left Sweet Valley—forever!

SVH #21 Runaway


Ricky Capaldo is caught in the middle of a dispute between his mother and his grandparents.  Ned Wakefield represents Ricky's grandparents in an attempt to win them the right to visit Ricky and his siblings.

  #22 Too Much in Love

Bill Chase and DeeDee Gordon have been happy together for a long time.  But lately DeeDee has become too dependent on Bill.  She wants to do everything and go everywhere with him.  Bill feels that he doesn't have any room to breathe and decides it's over between them.

Elizabeth doesn't know why DeeDee is acting the way she is, but she knows DeeDee's strange behavior is killing her relationship.  Can Elizabeth help DeeDee regain her strength and independence before it's too late?

SVH #22 Too Much in Love


Jessica decides to have a party while Ned and Alice Wakefield are away on vacation.  What seems like a good idea ends in disaster!

  #23 Say Goodbye

Elizabeth Wakefield's heart is breaking; Todd Wilkins, her longtime boyfriend, is leaving Sweet Valley and moving to Vermont.  Todd and she have only one week left.  After that the only boy Elizabeth has ever loved will be gone—forever.

Jessica's Elizabeth's scheming twin, is ecstatic; she never liked Todd anyway.  The moment Todd leaves, Jessica begins to hunt for a new boyfriend for Elizabeth.  But when Jessica's plot backfires, it threatens to destroy Elizabeth and Todd's enduring love!

SVH #23 Say Goodbye


Jessica gets a job at a dating agency and searches through the files for several women for Steven to date.  Jessica gives Steven's number to these women and waits for the magic to happen.

  #24 Memories

The Wakefield twins' older brother, Steven, hasn't dated anyone since his girlfriend died of leukemia.  He can't even look at another girl without thinking of his beloved Tricia.

But Steven is drawn to Cara Walker.  Sweet Valley's biggest flirt and gossip has changed.  Her parents have divorced, and her father and brother have moved away.  Cara understands the pain of losing somebody.

When Tricia's sister Betsy sees Steven and Cara dancing together at a party, she accuses Steven of forgetting about Tricia.  Steven is torn by Betsy's bitter accusation.  He can't deny his attraction to Cara.  But how can he ever love another girl after Tricia?

SVH #24 Memories


Elizabeth is drawn to a Big Mesa volleyball player who strongly resembles Todd.  Meanwhile, Jessica learns that a Hollywood director is visiting the Egberts and does everything in her power to gain an audience with him.

  #25 Nowhere to Run

Elizabeth Wakefield is surprised when Emily Mayer tells her she wants to join the school newspaper.  After all, Emily's a musician, not a writer.  Why would The Droids' crack drummer turn to writing, especially when the band is so popular?

Emily confides to Elizabeth that she's having problems at home.  Her stepmother has imposed a strict curfew and gets annoyed whenever Emily practices her drumming.  What's worse, Emily's father seems to agree with his new wife.  Emily's certain her stepmother is out to get her—and she's succeeding.  Can Elizabeth help Emily before the situation at the Mayer home reaches the breaking point?

SVH #25 Nowhere to Run


Grandma and Grandpa Wakefield have come to Sweet Valley to visit the twins.  Elizabeth and Jessica spend every waking moment with their beloved grandparents, whom they haven't seen in a year.  Mrs. Wakefield feels left out and wonders if the twins still need her.

  #26 Hostage!

When Elizabeth Wakefield learns that Regina Morrow has returned unexpectedly to Sweet Valley from Switzerland, she drops by to visit.  A strange woman answers the door and says Regina cannot have visitors.  With the help of Jessica, her twin, and Bruce Patman, Regina's boyfriend, Elizabeth discovers that Regina and her parents are being held hostage!

If Elizabeth calls the police, the Morrows may be killed.  So she, Bruce, Jessica, and Regina's brother, Nicholas, vow to rescue the Morrows on their own—before the kidnappers take desperate action!

SVH #26 Hostage!

Quotes from Volume 26

page 7:
"You're getting a Nancy Drew complex, that's what I think," Jessica said critically, frowning up at the sun.  She giggled suddenly.  "Only I can hardly imagine Bruce as Ned Nickerson!"
page 23:
"Liz, I've got to talk to you!" Jessica sang out, hurrying up the stairs after her twin.

"Why?" Elizabeth asked, her eyes narrowing as she turned to face her sister.  "You just want to hear what the police said so you can tease me again about Nancy Drew."
  #27 Lovestruck

No one at Sweet Valley High can believe that football star Ken Matthews has fallen in love with supersophisticated Suzanne Hanlon.  Suzanne likes poetry, gourmet food, and art films, while Ken's idea of a good time is listening to rock 'n' roll and eating pizza.  Two people couldn't be more different.

Elizabeth Wakefield knows that snobbish Suzanne is wrong for Ken.  But Ken seems to be blindly in love with Suzanne and is willing to do anything she wants.  Can anyone help Ken come to his senses before he gets hurt?

SVH #27 Lovestruck


Jessica is in charge of the Sweet Valley Centennial picnic.  Everything goes great until Jessica forgets to call the caterers to confirm the order.  It is up to Jessica alone to provide the food for the picnic.

  #28 Alone in the Crowd

Lynne Henry is tall, awkward, and painfully shy.  The one bright spot in her life is her songwriting.  In her room, playing her guitar, Lynne forgets how lonely she is and becomes someone special.

When the Droids, Sweet Valley High's most popular rock band, announce a songwriting contest, Lynne enters it.  But she is so insecure about her talent that she submits her song anonymously.

As soon as they hear Lynne's song, The Droids know they've got a winner.  Guy Chesney, the attractive lead guitarist for the band, vows to find the songwriter, no matter how long it takes.

SVH #28 Alone in the Crowd

Only Elizabeth Wakefield knows Lynne's secret.  Can she persuade Lynne to come out into the open and share her talent, or is Lynne destined to remain unnoticed?


The cheerleading squad needs new uniforms, and Jessica's latest brainstorm is a rocking chair relay.  During Rock Around the Clock, the cheerleaders will take turns rocking in a rocking chair during a school dance.

Quotes from Volume 28

pages 55-56:
"I have to go," Jessica announced.  "The cheerleaders are meeting over at Helen Bradley's house.  She's got a rocking chair, and we have to practice."

Elizabeth and Enid fought hard to keep their faces straight.  "I hope it goes well," Elizabeth said, losing her composure.

"Cut it out," Jessica said, pouting.  "You guys are going to be sorry Saturday night that you made fun of me.  You're going to wish you could be in on the relay, too."

"Maybe you could start a new fad," Elizabeth said, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.  "Instead of collecting rocks, you could get people collecting rockers!"

"I'm leaving," Jessica said, storming out of the room.

Enid and Elizabeth locked gazes.  That was all it took.  The next minute they were laughing so hard they thought they'd never be able to stop.
  #29 Bitter Rivals

Elizabeth Wakefield is ecstatic.  Her dearest childhood friend, Amy Sutton, is moving back to Sweet Valley.  Elizabeth can't wait to see her again and introduce Amy to her current best friend, Enid Rollins.

Amy is an undeniable hit at Sweet Valley high.  She's glamorous and vivacious, and she becomes the newest member of the cheerleading squad.  But to Elizabeth's shock, Amy and Enid seem to be heading for a showdown.  Will the prospect of having two best friends leave Elizabeth with none?

SVH #29 Bitter Rivals
  #30 Jealous Lies

It's pledge season for Pi Beta Alpha, and everyone in the exclusive Sweet Valley High sorority expects Sandra Bacon to nominate her best friend, Jean West.  But Sandra's always tired of hearing about Jean's perfect figure, terrific grades, and fantastic cheerleading.  The sorority is the only thing Sandra has that Jean doesn't, and even though Jean is her best friend, Sandra wants to keep Pi Beta Alpha for herself.

When Sandra unwillingly becomes Jean's pledge sponsor, she's determined to do everything she can to insure Jean doesn't make it through the pledge period.  But how far can Sandra go and still remain friends with Jean?

SVH #30 Jealous Lies


Steven decides to quit college so that he can go to work on an ocean liner by a friend's father.  The Wakefields are horrified but decide that the best approach might be to act like Steven is making an excellent decision.

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