The Sweet Valley High Series   

The Sweet Valley High Series
Super Editions #1-6

The below summaries are taken from the back covers of the books.

  #1 Perfect Summer

It's summer in Sweet Valley, and the Wakefield twins and their friends are taking a bike trip up the beautiful California coast.  What could be more exciting than four weeks of glorious sunshine, sandy beaches, and endless fun at every stop?

But the dream of a perfect vacation soon fades.  Elizabeth Wakefield is about to break up with her boyfriend, Todd, over another girl.  Her twin, Jessica, chases after sexy Robbie October, who ignores her.  Bruce Patman is mean to his cousin Roger, Lila Fowler holds a grudge against Ms. Dalton, and Ms. Dalton is barely speaking to Mr. Collins.  Can this feuding group unite when an unexpected disaster threatens their lives?

Perfect Summer

—Published after volume 21

  #2 Special Christmas

The Wakefield twins and their friends at Sweet Valley High are in festive spirits.  It's Christmas vacation, the annual parade is just days away, secret Santas are busy buying surprise gifts, and everyone's talking about the holiday dance at the Patmans' mansion.  Jessica Wakefield is determined to be named Miss Christmastime, and Elizabeth is counting the days until she's reunited with her faraway boyfriend, Todd Wilkins.

It seems nothing can spoil Jessica and Elizabeth's holiday—until Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield announce the arrival of an unwelcome houseguest.  Now it looks as though this Christmas might be the worst ever!

Special Christmas

—Published after volume 24

  #3 Spring Break

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are nearly bursting with excitement.  Spring break has arrived, and the twins are off to the glamorous South of France!  It's the vacation of a lifetime: Elizabeth can't wait to practice her French, but Jessica's dying to meet those romantic French boys.

The Riviera turns out to be even more beautiful and wondrous than the twins had imagined, with its beach clubs, magnificent mansions, and the glittering Mediterranean Sea.  But while the Frenchwoman with whom Jessica and Elizabeth are staying is a welcome hostess, her handsome son, Rene, is arrogant and rude.  Can the twins figure out why Rene seems to despise them, or will he spoil their dream vacation?

Spring Break

—Published after volume 27

  #4 Malibu Summer

Summer's here, and the Wakefield twins can't wait to join Lila Fowler in fabulous, beach-lined Malibu.  Elizabeth and Jessica have arranged jobs as mother's helpers and are looking forward to a dream vacation filled with Hollywood stars and gorgeous guys.

But the girls soon find out things aren't always as they seem in sunny Malibu.  Elizabeth's heart is won by someone much too old for her.  Even though she feels guilty about it, she begins to see him secretly.  While Elizabeth tries desperately to keep her sister from finding out, Jessica is busy trying to get bronzed Cliff Sherman to notice her.  Can the girls straighten out their summer romances, or will Malibu's magic be only an illusion?

Malibu Summer

—Published after volume 29

  #5 Winter Carnival

Winter's here and everyone at Sweet Valley High is excited about the upcoming Winter Carnival.  It's a very special weekend at a mountain ski resort, with ice skating, skiing, sledding, and a spectacular ball.

But Elizabeth Wakefield's got the midwinter blues.  She's especially upset with her twin, Jessica, who's been avoiding chores and borrowing clothes without asking.  Elizabeth is so sick and tired of Jessica's inconsiderate attitude that she sometimes wishes she never had a sister!  And when Jessica's string of broken promises threatens to destroy Elizabeth's romance with Jeffrey French, it looks as though Winter Carnival will turn into a snowy disaster!

Winter Carnival

—Published after volume 32

  #6 Spring Fever

The Wakefield twins never expected that the sleepy town of Walkersville, Kansas, would be twice as exciting as their own hometown.  But when Jessica and Elizabeth spend spring break at their great aunt and uncles' house in the country, they discover that smalltown life can have its share of big adventures.

At first, things don't look so promising.  Instead of a warm welcome, the local girls give them the cold shoulder.  And Aunt Shirley and Uncle Herman won't let the twins out of their sight.  But things brighten up when the girls meet gorgeous identical twins at a local carnival, Alex and Brad Parker.

Spring Fever

Jessica thinks [Alex] might be the man of her dreams, but how can she get to know him better when she's being so closely watched by her aunt and uncle?  Then trouble really begins to brew when Elizabeth makes an unexpected discovery about the
Parker twins . . .

—Published after volume 35

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