The Wallace Boys Series   

The Wallace Boys Series
by Duncan Watt

The Wallace Boys series was written by Duncan Watt.  The books were not written in consecutive order, which is why the copyright dates do not go in order by volume number.  The titles that were written first were published in the early 1990s, and years later, the author wrote additional stories that fit into the original chronology between existing titles.  The list of titles presented here is the order in which the books should be read.  When read in this order, the books form a cohesive set that has good continuity.

The series follows the adventures of Nigel and Bruce Wallace, who attend the university in Harare, Zimbabwe.  As the series opens, the boys are between terms, but for the duration of the series, the boys have taken a leave of absence from the university, which allows them to be away from Zimbabwe for months at a time.
Titles in the Wallace Boys Series:

  1. Skulduggery in the South Atlantic, 1995
  2. The Sands of the Skeleton Coast, 1993
  3. Trouble in Tristan, 1991
  4. The Legacy of Lobengula, 1996
  5. Killers against Kariba, 1992
  6. Kidnapped in the Kafue, 1991
  7. Crash in the Caprivi, 1993
  8. Mischief in 'The Mousetrap', 2010
  9. Hostage in the Highlands, 1995
10. Assignment in the Alps, 2010
11. Traitors in the Tyrol, 2010
12. Rebels across the Red Sea, 2000
13. Rebels across the Red Sea II:
      Nemesis of the Nefud
, 2000
14. Rebels across the Red Sea III:
      The Terrorists of Tibesti
, 2001
15. The Monks of Montafon, 2010
16. South from the Seychelles, 2010
17. The Treasure of the Tiger, 1994
18. The Sultan of the Sulu Sea, 1997
19. Missing in the Mekong, 2000
20. The Pagodas of Pahang, 1996

Nigel is older than Bruce and has dark hair.  Bruce has light hair and is quite reckless in his behavior.  This basic characterization is similar to the Hardy Boys.

The boys foil political plots and hunt for treasure as they journey around the world.  Many of the stories read in a fashion very similar to Rick Brant.

Bruce and Nigel always end up with a friend who is native to the setting of the current adventure.  This part of the premise is the same as the Biff Brewster, Sandy Steele, and Brad Forrest series.

The early titles in the series are clearly set in the early 1990s.  Titles written years later do mention some technology that did not exist in the early 1990s, so some books are set more in the early 2000s.  Even though this is a modern series, it was written in the spirit of vintage juvenile series books and compares quite well with Rick Brant, Biff Brewster, and even the Hardy Boys.

The series was originally published in the United Kingdom in print editions.  The books are no longer available in print editions.  Many of the books were never issued in print editions and are only available in the electronic text.  All 20 books can be purchased as electronic books from online retailers.

Summaries of #1-10
Summaries of #11-20

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