Whitman Authorized Editions for Girls

WARNING:  The ending of this book is spoiled here.

Jane Withers and the Swamp Wizard

Lem Frieson is responsible for the mysterious shriek of the Swamp Wizard.  One night many years previous to the story, Lem and his sister, Evie, went down to the edge of the swamp to jokingly say goodnight to the Swamp Wizard.  Evie slipped and fell into the quicksand and was pulled under almost immediately.  Lem thought it was better for his family not to know the truth and always wonder what had happened to Evie, so he led them to believe that she was on a train that wrecked that same night.  Lem used the shriek of the Swamp Wizard to keep everyone away from the swamp, just in case Evie's body should ever surface.  After Mrs. Frieson learns the truth, she fully understands and accepts Lem's deception.  Mrs. Frieson is relieved to know that her daughter is indeed dead.  Sadly, Evie Frieson's body will forever rest in the quicksand that is rather close to the Frieson's home.

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